Queens Of The Stone Age - Rated R

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In 2000, Queens of the Stone Age achieved a creative and commercial breakthrough with their major-label debut Rated R, featuring the breakout tracks "The Lost Art of Keeping A Secret" and "Feel Good Hit of the Summer." This new LP edition marks Rated R‘s first U.S. vinyl pressing, and is the first vinyl edition worldwide to feature the album's original blue artwork. This LP also augments the original album with the international bonus track "Ode To Clarissa," as well as a unique 12 x 24 insert.



1.      Feel Good Hit Of The Summer

2.      The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret

3.      Leg Of Lamb

4.      Auto Pilot

5.      Better Living Through Chemistry

6.      Monsters In The Parasol

7.      Quick And To The Pointless

8.      In The Fade

9.      Tension Head

10.   Lightning Song

11.   I Think I Lost My Headache

12.   Ode To Clarissa

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