Dual CS 429

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The fully automatic function of the CS 429 provides maximum ease of use. The tonearm automatically lifts, shifts across and drops with the push of a button. Simply place the vinyl record on the platter and push the start button. The CS 429 has a fully adjustable tonearm, giving you the option to change the pickup in the future and to alter the tracking force and anti-skating accordingly. The Ortofon 2M Red pickup and a switchable MM-phono preamplifier already complete this ready-to-run package. And if old 78RMP are still part of your collection, as easy swap headshell makes it a quick work to change for shellac appropriate cartridges. The internal rubber damping construction decouples the tonearm and platter from external vibrations. This very quiet platform pro-vides an excellent sound performance combined with precise, optical speed control. The CS429 exemplifies simplicity, durability and performance for a budding audiophile, or the user looking to enjoy their record collection without the handling typically associated with a fully manual system.


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